The folding tent of your choice in the size that best suits your needs

The folding tent of your choice in the size that best suits your needs

You may have not found the right size for your gazebo in our standard ranges of #foldingrescuetents or #professionalfoldingtents, or you may just need a larger covered area. It is high time you learned about our simple way of developing tent systems from our folding tents: connecting elements that can be attached to the sides to combine any sizes without any technical knowledge, tools or difficulties whatsoever.

Roof Connection Seal

With the waterproof fabrics we use, rain is never an issue, but water pouring down between two or more folding tents could very well be a problem. Therefore, we created a roof connection seal that is both easy to apply (effectively fixed to the two roofs by Velcro strips) and renders the entire structure waterproof.

Central Connecting Element

The central connecting element is an addition to the roof connection seal. It is specifically designed to close the space between two folding tents and create a water- and windproof shelter. It consists basically of a strip of fabric that is attached to the outside of the two side walls with Velcro fasteners.

Connection Clamps

The LANCO connection clamp enables stable connections in an instant. The connecting elements can be easily attached to tent poles by means of a screw lock.

If these connecting possibilities still cannot help you create your perfect configuration, send us your custom request.