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70 years of experience

Since 1953 the brand name LANCO stands for progress and investment in research. From the first camping tents, back in 1953, to rigid frame and inflatable shelters in the 1960s, decontamination systems in the 90s and rescue boats 20 years ago – the design team of LANCO has always been involved in the development of our products.

LANCO is widely recognized for its industry-leading production of fully integrated deployable solutions, including soft shelters, generators, heaters, air filtration devices and flexible tanks, all manufactured in the EU, currently used by defense agencies worldwide, as well as civilian government, international organizations and / agencies, and commercial customers.

In the long run, our portfolio has grown to fully cover shelters, decontamination systems and rescue boats, and CBRN collective protection systems.

A true classic, we have with the LANCO SG-Tent. The 40 mm aluminum frame shelter impresses with its simple structure and durability. Its straightforward assembly and stability will take on the toughest missions. This is a shelter that we manufacture in many variants, such as an accommodation or a medical tent with a base area ranging from 129 sf to 635 sf.

When every second counts, it is time to deploy the inflatable rescue shelters. In a maximum of 2 minutes per shelter, a whole temporary city for initial treatment is set up by compressed air or an electric blower. Another characteristic for this product group is the simple erection with a minimum operating crew. This enables the rescue workers to deal with the emergency at hand.

These are just some examples of our extensive range. Also customized shelters and flexible tanks are part of our offer. Please contact us whenever you need a tailor-made solution.

ISO 9001 - Quality Management

LANCO is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the scope development, manufacturing and distribution of tents with aluminium frame, steel frame or inflatable frame and ready-made products of technical textiles. Best possible quality is our commitment.

TUV Certificate

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management

LANCO is ISO 14001:2015 certified for the scope development, manufacture and sale of tents with aluminum, steel and inflatable frame, manufacture of technical textile products, decontamination systems and transport trolleys. See here our LANCO ISO 14001 Certificate and our LANCO Group Environmental Policy Statement.

Upon request, the Statement of the scope of the environmental management system may be made available.

ISO 45001 - Health and Safety

LANCO is ISO 45001:2018 certified for the scope development, manufacture and sale of tents with aluminum, steel and inflatable frame, decontamination systems and transport trolleys. Here you can find our ISO 45001 Certificate and our LANCO Group Occupational Health and Safety Management System Policy.

LANCO-Products worldwide in service

As a supplier of international relief organizations, several NATO forces as well as other armed forces, fire brigades and civil protection all over the world our products have proven their worth in action for decades.


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