ARZ lite duty low pressure inflatable shelters

Quick and easy to (dis)assemble, modular by design, multifunctional and interconnectable, the ARZ lite duty, low pressure air shelters are reliable and highly portable. The shelter is made of airtight double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric [25 oz/yd²] and comes with a completely inflatable frame that is fastened with Velcro closures to the tent skin and floor. The tents can be set up by only one person in less than 2 minutes, using an electric blower or compressed air.

ARZ blow up tents are designed to make the most of the available space. The air shelters are self erectable, thanks to their fully inflatable frames. All supporting elements are made of airtight fabric. The ARZ range comes with numerous options and accessories including partition walls, side windows, inflation system, lightning, air conditioning, heating, lettering or branding. Military-grade fabric is available as well for extra durability.

ARZ lite duty, low pressure inflatable shelter

Key benefits: 

  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly
  • Highly portable
  • All-weather protection
  • Self erecting, versatile and robust structure
  • Interconnectable by design
  • Flame retardant and UV resistant material

Application areas

The ARZ lite duty, low pressure tents are deployed by fire / police / rescue services, civil defense, military and companies. They make great accommodation shelters, triage and first aid posts, and are also suited as hazmat tents, or weatherproof shelter for sensitive equipment and workshops.

Technical specifications

Base area 54 - 656 ft²
Width 10 - 18 ft
Length 5 - 37 ft
Ridge height 9 - 10 ft
Eave height 7 -8 ft
Packing size (smallest shelter) 2.95 × 1.96 ×1.51 ft
Packing size (largest shelter) 5.53 × 2.46 × 1.48 ft
Weight 70 - 381 lbs

Product description


For the inflatable frame we use an extremely robust, though lightweight fabric, similar to that used for inflatable boats: 25 oz/yd². The seams of the frame are HF welded and the corner joints are mitered. The frame of the self-erecting ARZ has been optimized for compressed air bottles. The tents can be set up in 1.5 minutes using the compressed air kit. Depending on tent size, assembly takes 2-4 minutes when using an electric blower. A pressure relief valve prevents excessive pressure in the frame.

Tubes in the eaves and in the ridge are the same diameter as the supporting frame (0.75 ft). Expensive aspirators to take in additional ambient air are not required. The frame is connected to the shelter skin and floor by means of hook and loop so it is fully detachable. The inflatable purlins are screwed to the main arcs and pneumatically connected to them by means of transfer valves. That makes it possible to take out single purlins or arcs from the inflatable frame for repairs or in case replacements are needed. A multi-chamber system can be implemented on customer request.

Shelter skin and floor

The shelter skin is made of one side PU-coated polyester fabric (7 oz/yd²), flame retardant, waterproof and mildew resistant. The shelter floor is made of both sides PVC coated polyester fabric (16 oz/yd²) and is also available with non-slip embossing as option (25 oz/yd²). Shelter skin is extremely tear resistant. However, if needed, the skin, floor and frame can be easily replaced. 11 different standard colors are available, other colors available on request

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