Decontamination and Hazardous Goods Operations

When dealing with hazardous goods, safe storage and manipulation are crucial. Hazmat tents are specialized shelters designed to contain, control, and decontaminate personnel, equipment, and materials exposed to hazardous materials. At LANCO, we manufacture high capacity, field proven decontamination systems, made of personal and mass decontamination showers, and the shelters that host them. The showers and shelters are designed for easy setup and rapid on-field deployment.

The hazmat shelters come with built-in sealed seams and airtight closures, preventing leaks and cross-contamination. Using inner walls, up to three decontaminations paths can be created inside the shelter. A dedicated area for clothing decontamination can be added as well, depending on the shelter’s size. The hazmat tents can be connected to COLPRO shelters, creating a protective, toxic-free area for decontaminated personnel. When every second counts, our decontamination systems a rapid, sturdy and reliable solution for rescue teams.