AZM medium duty low pressure inflatable shelters

Our AZM medium duty, low pressure blow up shelters are the ideal the ideal solution for operations that require a stable shelter with generous interior volume and high transportability. This low maintenance soft shelter can be easily transported, packed, and assembled. The fabrics used are water repellent and the high-frequency welding assembly technique ensures a waterproof seal and the possibility of use in a wide range of climates. These shelters come with high tear resistance and great tensile strength.

AZMs are self-erecting inflatable, modular air shelters. All supporting elements are made of airtight fabric. The shelters can be set up by six people using electric inflators. Each module consists of 3 load bearing parts: first the shelter skin, second the inflatable air beams with attached inflatable spacers and third the foldable aluminum tubes as additional spacers at the longitudinal sides. The modules are delivered preassembled, only the aluminum tubes must be fitted during erection. The modules are assembled in the field. The different sections (modules) are connected by zippers (shelter skin), locking pins (inflatable frame) and hook and loop fasteners.

AZM medium duty low pressure inflatable shelters

Key benefits

  • Easy to assemble and dissasemble - relocatable within hours
  • Compact packaging and low weight
  • Robust, self-deployable and highly portable
  • Modular and efficient design for increased space needs

Application areas

AZM low pressure inflatable tents are primarily meant to be used as army/millitary shelters, for civil defence operations, as part of search and rescue missions, as emergency accomodation following natural and man made disasters.

Technical specifications

  AZM 8-4 AZM 11-6
Base area 1116.75 ft² 2675.91 ft²
Width 27.23 ft 36.74 ft
Length 41.00 ft 72.83 ft
Ridge height 13.62 ft 19.68 ft
Eave height 10.37 ft 14.27 ft
Weight 1248.00 lbs 1686.53 lbs
Wind resistance 60 mph 60 mph
Snow load resistance 3.1 lbs/ft² 3.1 lbs/ft²


Product description

Shelter skin

The Shelter skin is attached to the inflatable frame by locking pins and hook and loop fasteners to the floor. It is made of polyester fabric (26.45 oz/yd²) PVC-coated on both sides. The fabric is flame-retardant, waterproof and rot-proof. Due to the fabric‘s high tolerance to extreme temperatures (between -22°F up to +158°F), these shelters can be used in nearly every climate. All of fabric is fungicidally and UV treated. The high tear resistance and tensile strength meet the expectations of a long-lasting cover, provided that the shelter is properly maintained, as described in the manual.


Inflatable tubular frame made of airtight polyester fabric (32 oz/yd²) coated on both sides with PVC. Foldable aluminum tubes are used between the eaves arches. Floor Flooring made of double-sided PVC-coated polyester fabric (24.70 oz/yd²) grey. The flooring is made of double-sided PVC-coated polyester fabric (24.70 oz/yd²), color grey.