Search and rescue

When lives are in danger, your search and rescue department deserve the best equipment. Our weatherproof, rapidly deployable shelters provide protection and support for both rescuers and victims, during search and rescue operations. Our manufacturing procss prioritizes durability, weather resistance and ease of assembly. This makes them very tear resistant, easy to transport and reliable in any emergency situation.

Our shelters can bear high snow loads, of up to 10 lb/ft2, and wind gusts of up to 80 mph, adapting to all types of terrain and ensuring comfortable interior conditions in any weather conditions. The shelters provide protection against the elements for personnel, victims and sensitive equipment. They rapidly deployable in a manner of minutes and require no special logistics.

Our range of tents dedicated to search and rescue operations includes low pressure inflatable shelters, high pressure air tents, exoskeleton shelters and quick deployment decontamination systems. Multiple accessories can be added, such as roof insulations, partition walls, rigid flooring, HVAC and lightning systems.