Personal decontamination

Decontamination systems are designed to provide a clean and controlled environment for individuals to undergo decontamination procedures. They are typically used in emergency response situations where individuals may have been exposed to hazardous materials, such as in a chemical spill or biological attack. Our personal decontamination systems are especially designed to have a low weight, a small packing size, easy handling and quick setup.

The personal decontamination systems are made of fire retardant fabric. Partition walls and thresholds prevent a carryover of unintended contamination. Included in the standard equipement are the shower system, storz D and C-coupling for water supply and discharge, floor grid, pegs, hand pump and repair kit. Additional accessories that can be added: Dosing unit, Water supply unit, hotbox with integrated dosing feeder and suction pumps with stainless steel box.

Personal decontamination showerKey benefits:

  • Fastest, most flexible decon solution
  • Prevents unintended contamination
  • Designed for easy handling and quick setup
  • Reliable decontamination capabilities proven in practical situations

Application areas

Thanks to their flexible and robust design, our decontamination showers are well suited for Civil Defence, Military, Decontamination and Hazardous Goods Operations, Police/Gendarmerie, Industry and commerce.

Technical specifications

Length 7 to 15 ft
Width 6.5 - 10 ft
Height 8 ft
Weight 97 - 298 lbs
Nozzles 5 to 10
Hand showers 1 or 2
Hose arches 1 or 2
Tub 5.90 x 6.56 ft


Product description


Inflatable frame, operated with 4.4 psi overpressure, made of airtight coated fabric 32 oz/yd2 , connected to the shower cabin with a 'cord and loop system'. Separation of frame and shower cabin is possible. The frame is inflated with compressed air or by using an electric blower within approx. 1 min., the relief valve prevents the frame from overfilling. Shower cabin made of double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric (18 oz/yd²), watertight, mildew resistant, with large transparent windows. Floor made of double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric, watertight, mildew resistant, with anti-slip embossing (25 oz/yd²).

Shower system

Hose arch with full cone nozzles (4.7 l/min at 3 bar per nozzle), hand shower with 3.3 ft hose, stop-cock, D-coupling for water supply, C-coupling for waste water.

Shower cabin fabric and groundsheet

The shower cabin is made of yellow PVCtreated polyester fabric, waterproof, antifungicidal and has large transparent foil windows. The groundsheet is permanently attached to the shower and made of grey PVC-coated polyester fabric. The floor made of double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric, watertight, mildew resistant, with anti-slip embossing (25 oz/yd²). Shower and groundsheet can be cleaned with any common cleanser. Our decontamination systems include: arched tubular system containing nozzles, hand shower with a 4.92 ft hose, D-coupling head for water supply, C-coupling head for water discharge.