Accommodation and catering

With all the technological advances and the versatility of modern shelters, accommodation is still the main use case for tents. Our shelters offer flexible and temporary solutions for accommodation and catering, being rapidly deployable and easy to transport and assemble. The tents are modular, meaning that they can be used both as standalone units and combined in multiple units' configurations. This expands the available space and increases their accommodation capacity. Made of waterproof fabric, they can be used on any terrain and provide protection from the elements. While the weather outside might be unfriendly, the interior stays dry and comfortable.

The interior space can be equipped with professional kitchens, refrigeration and equipment for food preparation, serving and dining. Their versatility makes them ideal for rapid deployment during festivals and concerts, corporate events and retreats, weddings, and other special events. LANCO's rapid deployment shelters are often more cost-effective than traditional accommodation options and adapt to any event size and environment.