Half-barrel Frame Shelters

THETA is a multipurpose, sturdy shelter that offers high stability, easy logistics, and comfort. It is specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making it suitable for medium and long term deployments. With its easy connectivity, the THETA half barrel frame shelter can be seamlessly connected to other tents in both linear and crosswise configurations. It can also be connected to container-type shelters or vehicles, providing versatile options for customization.

The tent's flexible design allows for easy division into sections using partition walls, creating separate rooms or cabins, as needed. One of the standout features of the THETA tent is its ability to prevent snow accumulation on the roof, ensuring the safety and durability of the structure. THETA tents are the perfect choice for those seeking a highly stable, easily customizable, and comfortable shelter solution for their medium to long term deployments, especially in challenging weather conditions.

THETA half barrel frame shelter

Key benefits

  • High stability and reliability. Specifically designed to withstand heavy winds and snowfalls, preventing snow acumulation on the roof
  • Compact packaging, highly transportable. No frame part is longer than 7.05 ft or heavier than 15.43 lbs
  • Low to no maintenance required. Extremely tear resisiting fabric, made of high quality PVC, UV and water resistant.
  • Wide range of accessories available. Partition walls, inner liners, entrance modules, lights, heating, air conditioning, and many others

Application areas

Our multi purpose, extreme weather frame shelters can be successfully used as triage tents, field hospitals, or first aid shelters. Another use case for the Theta tents is to have them deployed as weatherproof shelters for sensitive equipement and workshops. Their robust structure make them ideal for accomodation, command posts and disaster relief shelters.

Technical specifications

Base area 215 to 646 ft²
Lenght 13 to 33 ft
Width 16 to 20 ft
Height 8 - 10 ft
Windows 4 to 10
Entrances 2
Frame weight 305 - 613 lbs
Shelter skin + floor weight* 139 - 328 lbs
Wind resistance 50 mph
Snow load resistance 20 lbs/ft²

Product description


The frame consists of ground frame (rectangular profiles), arches and spacers (circular profiles). All profiles are made of black powder-coated aluminum, while all security pins are made of galvanized steel. The frame is modular and can be extended in case new sections need to be added. All parts are designed to make the frame highly transportable - no frame part is longer than 7.05 ft or heavier than 15.43 lbs

Shelter skin

The tent skin is made of lightweight high quality PVC coated fabric 18.29 oz/yd, UV and water resistant. The roof and the sidewalls are integrated, while the groundsheet and gables are detachable. The groundsheet is made of PVC fabric (approx. 23.59 oz/yd) and is attached to sidewalls by Velcro. On each tent side, in every field (distance between two arches) there is a 39.37 x 17.72 in window. The three-layer windows with blinds operated from the outside - PVC-glass, mosquito net, and roll-up shutter - allow natural ventilation and improve the comfort level in extreme heat.

The THETA tent is equipped with 8 climatization passages, pairs of two, one above the other, in each corner

Options and accessories

  • Additional protective flooring
  • Partition walls
  • Inner liners
  • Sunroofs
  • Side entrances
  • Entrance modules
  • Solid doors
  • Rigid modular flooring
  • Lights
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Lettering/branding