Industrial and commercial

For industrial and commercial operations, rapid deployment shelters are a cost-effective alternative to brick-and-mortar buildings. They require no building permit; ground preparation is minimal and the flexibility they provide is unrivaled. Going beyond camping and outdoor events, our industrial and commercial shelters can be used for temporary warehousing, adding extra storage space for seasonal inventory, overflow stock or equipment during construction project, as waste management units, as pop-up shops, and temporary offices.

For industrial and commercial uses, we manufacture inflatable and exoskeleton shelters that are water and fireproof. They can be fitted with lighting and air conditioning units, with partition walls to divide the space as needed, connected to enlarge the available space, and are made of extremely sturdy, tear resistant skins. These rapid deployment shelters can be set up in minutes, using an air blower, and are lightweight, requiring no special logistic services. This makes them suited for trade shows and conferences, hosting exhibition booths, product demonstration or networking areas.