Exoskeleton Frame Shelters

The RDT and RDT S shelters are designed to be used in extreme weather conditions so the anchoring system ensures high stability and wind resistance. Even in rain or snow the inner of the tent stays dry during set‐up, because the tent skin is pulled up and attached in one piece underneath the frame. Depending on the size two to five persons can set‐up these frame tents in less than 10 minutes. The robust tent needs a minimum of ground preparation and adapts well to the terrain due to the pull‐out base plates.

These are rapid deployment shelters with an exoskeleton frame. The frame is made of black anodized aluminium profiles. The shelter is made of airtight double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric [32 oz/yd²] and comes with a completely inflatable frame that is fastened with Velcro closures to the tent skin and floor. These weatherproof shelters have a fully integrated structure with the tent skin and the groundsheet forming a single unit.

RDT exoskeleton shelter

Key benefits of RDT shelters

  • Rapid setup, in less than 10 minutes
  • Resistant to atmospheric agents
  • Reduced transport and storage size and weight, packed in standard palets
  • Withstands winds of up to 80 mph and snow loads of up to 10 lb/ft2

Application areas

Due to the quick mounting, the low requirements for the set‐up area and many available extras this weatherproof tent can be used in extreme weather conditions as: Military/army tents, Mobile field hospitals, First aid posts, Patient ward, Accommodation, Command posts, Storage etc

Shelters' technical specifications

Base area 194 - 796 ft2
Side wall style Sloped or vertical
Frame length 10 - 39 ft
Frame width 19 - 20 ft
Frame eaves height 2 - 8 ft
Frame maximum height 7 - 12 ft
Shelter eaves height 7 - 11 ft
Shelter maximum height 7 - 11 ft
Snow load resistance 10 lb/ft2
Wind resistance 60 mph
Assembly personnel 2 - 5 persons

Product description

Shelter skin

The shelter skin and the groundsheet are made of high-quality PVC-coated polyester fabric. They are joined by high frequency welding; therefore, the seams are watertight. As a standard, the shelter skin is flame retardant. Fabrics that meet different standards are available upon request. The shelter is equipped with rear and front door with entrance flap, four passages for climatization and cable passages as well as a window for each panel between two leg poles. On the outside, all necessary hangers and ropes are provided, hanging points at the inside for inner liner, roof mesh, lighting etc. are standard. A broad ground skirting allows the use of sandbags etc.


The frame is made of specially designed anodized aluminum profiles; the connectors consist of die-cast aluminum. Independent of the shelter size, the roof area of the frame comes readily assembled in one piece. Leg poles and extendable base plates are also pre-assembled and only need to be slipped on the corner connectors. For our RDT S range (vertical sidewalls), we designed a reinforced frame to help further improve wind resistance for the shelter deployed in the harshest environments. The new tests certify that our RDT S shelter series can withstand winds in gusts of up to 80 mph and snow loads of up to 10 lb/ft2 with sunroof.

The shelter comes with complete frame, shelter skin with integrated flooring, stakes to anchor the frame and shelter skin, hammer, packing bags for shelter skin, frame, and accessories.

Shelters' options and accessories

  • Fabric according to military standards
  • Additional side entrances or windows
  • Adapter to connect tents
  • Inner liner made of cotton, PU-coated polyester or isolation fabric
  • Partition walls
  • Sun roof
  • Protection groundsheet
  • Hard plastic flooring
  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Connection module tent to tent
  • Connection module tent to vehicle / container
  • Entrance module
  • Lettering / branding

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