Disaster management

In emergency situations, it is crucial to have an immediate response plan in place to keep everyone safe and protected from danger. Whether facing a hurricane, fire, earthquake, pandemic, or other disasters, being well prepared allows you to focus on saving lives. High-quality emergency management shelters don't just keep citizens safe, providing protection from various adversities, but also contribute to the continuity of essential services like first aid, emergency response and rescue service.

Our disaster intervention shelters are easy to deploy on any type of terrain, easily transportable, and able to withstand any weather conditions, no matter how harsh, requiring minimal logistical support to deploy. The tents are modular, which means that they can be connected to other shelters to create, in just minutes, a fully operational field hospital. The materials we use ensure the shelter is waterproof and provides insulation in extreme cold and heat, maintaining a comfortable interior environment. The fabric is fire-retardant and mildew resistant, with a high tear resistance, making it a long-lasting one.

The best suited shelters for emergency management from our ranges are ARZ and AZF low pressure inflatable shelters, for their ease of transportation and assembly, INX hybrid shelters, with inflatable and exoskeleton frame, for their stability in all weather conditions, RAPID high pressure inflatable shelters for their extreme sturdiness and RDT exoskeleton shelters.