Military operations can vary greatly in terms of duration, location, and the number of people involved. These operations may last for just a few days or even stretch out over several years, which is why we build our military shelters to require little to no maintenance and to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. The materials we use are waterproof, flame retardant and mildew resistant, to ensure a long-lasting life for the tent. In designing the army shelters, careful consideration was given to connectivity and modularity, so that one can connect them to other shelters, to containers or vehicles. The fabric and frames of our army shelters are compliant with NATO standards. 

LANCO’s military shelters can be used for accommodation, housing up to a few dozen people, as command centers, mobile headquarters for planning, communication, and coordination during missions. Their modularity makes them suitable for field hospitals duties, as sensitive equipment shelters, field kitchens or community engagement areas. They can be fitted with HVAC systems, partition walls to divide the interior space, roof insulation etc.