Fire and police departments

When facing danger, reliable equipment is key to the success of fire and police departments interventions. Fire and police shelters need to be rapidly deployable and require minimal logistic support for deployment, on any type of terrain. This is why our shelters are lightweight, water and fireproof, extremely tear resistant and require low to no maintenance, including once deployed in the field. At LANCO, we take pride in our sturdy, fireproof, rapid deployment shelters. Our tents can be used as emergency shelters, for policemen, firefighters or victims during interventions, as weatherproof shelters for sensitive equipment, or as command tents for complex operations. They provide protection from harsh weather, debris, and onlookers, creating a safe space for medical treatment or rest.   

Our shelters are modular, meaning that they can be connected to other tents, to create emergency camps, triage posts, field hospitals. They are lightweight and easily transportable, requiring no special logistics. In addition to the shelters, our range of products also includes high-capacity decontamination systems, including both individual and mass decontamination showers. 

Depending on your department's needs, the shelters can be fitted with special inner liners to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring a comfortable interior environment, with partition walls, hard flooring, HVAC and lightning systems.