Triage, field hospitals, first aid posts

Triage posts, first aid posts, field hospitals, all are crucial infrastructure components, needed for dispensing emergency medical care. With speed and ease of deployment in mind, our medical shelters are modular in design, allowing for flexible configuration to create different sized wards, treatment areas, and administrative spaces. Tents can be equipped with partitions, flooring, and lighting systems to create dedicated areas for triage, surgery, recovery, and staff zones. Given the sensitivity of medical operations, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can be integrated to maintain a suitable interior temperature and minimize infection risks. 

Our rapid deployment shelters have proven their capabilities on the field, in missions around the world, where they have been used as treatment spaces, surgery rooms, registration areas or decontamination units. The shelters can be connected to create high-capacity field hospitals in no-time, including patient recovery areas, thanks to their low weight and easy setup. Made of fire- and water-resistant fabrics, they are extremely tear resistant. They are easy to clean, using only regular cleaning products. All of these make our shelters well suite for short- and long-term missions, across a variety of terrains and weather conditions.