85 LANCO AZF shelters sent to Ukraine via the USAID Energy Security Project

85 LANCO AZF shelters sent to Ukraine via the USAID Energy Security Project

LANCO shelters were supplied to the regional units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and local city councils as part of the USAID's assistance provided through its Energy Security Project to shelter people in emergencies. This included: 

  • 24 units to the Department for Civil Protection and Defense Work of Chernihiv Oblast State Administration
  • 25 units to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Lviv Oblast
  • 10 units to Rivne City Council
  • 11 units to Kharkiv City Council
  • 15 tents to the Kharkiv City Council.

LANCO delivered all the necessary equipment with the AZF medium duty low pressure inflatable shelters, such as an inflation kit, RIS inner liners, 5Kw diesel generator, indirect oil heaters, reparation, and staging kits. 

Why AZF? During military and emergency interventions requiring rapid response, structures that can be easily transported, assembled, and used are critically important. Pneumatic technology of AZF enables prompt deployment of safe shelters. The manufacturing materials make the tent completely waterproof and mildew resistant. The structure does not require any specific maintenance and can be easily repaired in case of need. Therefore, the AZF inflatable shelter is an ideal solution for all operations requiring rapid and swift intervention. 

Other AZF characteristics can be summarized as follows: 

  • Reduced weight if compared to metal frame structures similar in size and performance.
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy assembling and dismantling procedures.
  • Repairs can be easily made by the personnel on the field.
  • The structure can be easily moved, packed, and assembled.
  • Reduced volume and therefore less space-consuming when packed.
  • Waterproof, thanks to the water-repellent materials to the component assembling technique (HFW) in critical areas such as windows and doors.

For the USAID Energy Security Project, the model used was AZF 850, resisting up to 44 lbs/ft2 snow load and 62 mph wind speed. The useful internal surface is approx. 818 ft2, 40.52 ft in length, 20.67 in width, and 10.24 ft in height. This shelter can accommodate about forty people. The tent floor covering is made of polyester fabric sheets, coated on both sides with PVC, and covers the whole surface. 

We are happy that we could contribute what we know best, supporting those in need at challenging times. More information about the AZF shelter range is available here.