Girl Power in Action: Meet Our New Appointments

Girl Power in Action: Meet Our New Appointments

We are all about embracing diversity and inclusivity to fuel innovation and drive success. Recently, we took another step towards our unwavering commitment to fostering an amazing work culture – the promotion and hiring of three outstanding women to key leadership positions: Federica Grugni - Sales Director for Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Greece, Liana Prisacariu - Chief People Officer, and Ramona Voivoda - Group Chief Marketing and Vice Presient of Sales (US Subsidiary).

We are advocates for diversity, recognizing the incredible value that diverse perspectives, experiences, and voices bring to our organization. These appointments aren't just about individual achievements; they're a clear testament to the strides we're making in championing gender diversity in the workplace. 

Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of these trailblazing women and learn more about the pivotal roles they will play in shaping our future. 

Ramona Voivoda - Group Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Sales (US Subsidiary): 

Celebrating the exceptional achievements of Ramona Voivoda, our former Group Marketing Director, as she takes on dual responsibilities. Ramona's dedication and innovative marketing strategies have led her to become our Group Chief Marketing Officer. Additionally, she will serve as the Vice President of Sales for our US Subsidiary, driving both marketing and sales efforts to new heights.

It's an honor to be promoted to Group Chief Marketing Officer and take on the Vice President of Sales position for our US Subsidiary, LANCO North America Corporation. At LANCO Group, we are passionate about challenging norms and seeking excellence, and I am eager to take on this exciting dual role. Our company's emphasis on simplicity and understanding our customers' needs resonates deeply with me as we strive to deliver effective, tailor-made solutions. As I step into these leadership positions, I'm committed to upholding our values of trust and heartfelt service. We will continue to listen carefully to our customers, adapt to their evolving demands, and build strong relationships that drive mutual success. Together, we'll push the boundaries of innovation and leave a lasting impact, fostering a culture where everyone can grow, succeed, and be proud to be part of this dynamic team. 

Find out more about Ramona from her employee profile here. 

Our promotions are solely based on merit, results, and hard work. It is the quality of ideas, dedication, and expertise that propels individuals forward in their careers, not superficial attributes. We believe that diverse perspectives enrich our decision-making, enable us to better understand and serve our customers, and enhance our ability to adapt and innovate in a rapidly changing world. 

Our organizational culture is rooted in our core values, which guide our interactions, decisions, and actions. Heartfelt service is the foundation of our commitment to the safety and well-being of our colleagues, customers, and communities. We obsess over our customers, tailoring solutions to meet their needs and striving to be their most trusted partner. We are passionate about growing, consistently pursuing excellence, and investing in lifelong learning. Our belief in earning trust through ethical, transparent, and accountable practices strengthens our relationships with stakeholders and builds a foundation of mutual respect and collaboration. 

As we welcome Ramona Voivoda to her new leadership roles, we proudly embrace the richness of diverse perspectives this brings. These appointments exemplify our dedication to providing equal opportunities and fostering an inclusive work environment that nurtures talent and empowers all individuals to reach their full potential. 

You can connect with Ramona via LinkedIn: 

Ramona Voivoda